Our Partners

Your bike has bought together industry leading SME partners and suppliers to provide a high quality and innovative solution. With British made Pashley bikes and our innovative forward thinking technology partner Urban Sharing, we are committed to supporting local third sector partners in creating jobs in the local economy.

Pashley Cycles

Founded in 1926 by William ‘Rath’ Pashley (1895 – 1965), Pashley is Britain’s longest established manufacturer of bicycles and one of only three remaining in the UK. The Pashley factory is based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire and has the support of overUK-based suppliers and sub-contractors.

  • Pashley hand-builds a unique range of cycles across two core product groups:
  • A range of traditionally hand-built bicycles and tricycles for the consumer market

A variety of work cycles for business customers (including mail delivery companies and food & drink vendors)


Urban Sharing

Urban Sharing is the Norwegian technology company behind an innovative technology platform, which powers shared urban infrastructure concepts, including one of the world’s most efficient bike sharing schemes, Oslo City Bike (Oslo Bysykkel). Established in 2015, US’s technology enables cities to optimise the use of their urban space and enhance urban mobility.