About Us

Your Bike is operated by Serco. We believe that the increasing challenges faced by cities in seeking to have congestion and pollution free streets need reliable attractive cycle hire schemes and other similar forms of shared or rental mobility services.

Our Story

With 30 years’ experience in designing and delivering high quality urban transport systems in some of the greatest cities in the world Serco is well placed to understand people’s needs be they residents, commuters, visitors, students or workers. We have worked with Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Copenhagen, Dubai, Sydney, Stockholm and Liverpool amongst others to improve their transport infrastructures.

Serco has managed the 12,000 bike Santander Cycles scheme on behalf of Transport for London since 2010. Santander Cycles now covers 100 square kilometres of London via 750 cycle hire points, making it the second largest cycle hire scheme in Europe, with last year seeing a record 10.3 million journeys.

Serco has a strong track record of providing high quality and innovative transport services as the operator of

  • NorthLink Ferries
  • Scatsta Airport
  • Caledonian Sleeper Rail service,
  • in UAE as operator of the world’s largest automated metro and now in Edinburgh with a new generation of high quality cycle hire.

Our Mission

We want more people using bikes to get around the locations we serve.

Cycling can be a bit intimidating. When you think of cycling you might think of lycra clad speed demons whizzing past. You don’t have to be a ‘cyclist’ to ride a bike. We believe bikes should be for everyone, from all walks of life, all fitness levels, all ages and all shapes and sizes. That’s why we’ve made Your Bike convenient and affordable for everyone in any city. So whoever you are, there’s a bike for you.

We recognise that each city is individual and needs its own approach to the Your Bike solution. We will work with you to design a system suited to your needs and your customers’ needs. We’ll be with you to develop a funding scheme that works for you, whether that’s through sponsorship, fully public sector funded, or a blended approach.